dri+Cap Protective Dehumidifier Cap


Protect your camera from excess humidity and even prevent fungus or mold from destroying your lens and camera.

Install the BRNO dri+Cap to store your camera equipment at the optimum relative humidity (RH) of 35% to 45%.

User comments about dri+Cap

Innovative solution to moisture issue.
I have always worried about condensation in the lens and camera with any temperature change. So far so good. Clever approach to getting moisture absorbed so it doesn't interfere with critical parts. No condensation noted so far in the variable climate of Traverse City Michigan. I sleep a little easier.

This camera body cap and also having a lens cap, are an amazing idea for internally keeping moisture out of your camera and lenses. It comes in a Nikon or Canon mount and is great for budget filmmakers or photographers alike, as keeping your equipment working is a life line and a must. It replaces the camera lens or body cap and contains a removable silica gel pack, that is in a breathable compartment facing the inside of your camera or lens. It also makes your camera look more professional and built, if your arriving on a project and everybody see's you pull out your camera or lens with one of these bad boys on it, they probably will be calling you again. ITS A MUST!!!!
-Joe Joe
                                               Remove moisture and condensation with the BRNO dri+Cap system.

                                               Remove moisture and condensation with the BRNO dri+Cap system.